Psychological self-help application that eliminates anxiety, fears and other negative conditions.

Psychological self-help mobile application for people with panic attacks and other anxiety disorders.

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A single button App

An emergency button that always on sight. Instant access to various scenarios to restore your mental balance


Completely autonomous… in all

No internet or additional actions
is needed. Just call the application. Choose the problem you are going to deal with and get the result (normally improvement occurs after 5-7 minutes of usage)


Psychologist in your pocket

Regular use allows you to develop
a stereotype of healthy behavior,
and creates a state of stability
and confidence

Average anxiety less
on 30% after app usage.

Long-term studies have shown that the indicators of anxiety and tension already decrease after the first session. The basic 14-day course integral stress index is reduced by 30%.

Confident and steady improvement of psychological well-being.

Mood and Well-being indicators have been showing a positive trend since the first days of using the technique.

SOMVI technology has no “zero” results. All results are only positive
or clearly positive.

Based on the results of testing using clinical and psychometric methods for assessing the condition, it was established:

  • Significant reduction in anxiety levels (93% of patients)
  • Increased mood and general activity (69% of patients)
  • Normalization or marked improvement in sleep duration and quality (76% of patients)
  • Reduction of psychosomatic symptoms and functional disorders (63% of patients)
  • Cut of the medication load (64%) up to complete drug withdrawal (23% of patients)
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For social phobia and anxiety on the street

The application will help you effectively cope at the moment of acute anxiety when you are outside.

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Suffering from aviaphobia

The application has dozens of special use cases. One of them – fear of flying.

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In case of anxiety at home

The application allows you to restore your psycho-emotional balance on your own right at home.

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In case of psychological discomfort in public transport

The application allows to cope acute conditions, even when you are in a public place.

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Experiencing stress at work

Periodic using of the application during the work day significantly reduces the factor of nervous overstrain.

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